Welcome to the City of El Paso, Illinois

Mayor J.W. Price

I am proud to have been born and raised in El Paso and now serve as Mayor of this vibrant community located in the heart of Illinois. El Paso is an economically diverse community located in Woodford County. Situated just 14 miles from Bloomington/Normal and 30 miles from the Peoria Metropolitan area, El Paso’s geographical location on I-39, Route 24, and Route 251, makes our community a great place to live, work, or build a business

El Paso is known as a city built by its citizens. No one has ever met a stranger in our community and that is what defines us. As you drive around town, every car you meet has a friendly wave and people always say “hello”, even when they have never met you and this is what makes El Paso a hometown and not just a place to live.

For decades, El Paso has invested in our beautiful parks, including South Pointe Park, which contains numerous baseball and softball fields, swimming pool, stocked fishing pond, soccer fields, tennis courts, sand volleyball, playground, and a multi-use community building. Additionally, El Paso District Library has recently undergone a multi-year renovation and new addition, which has made our library one of the best in Central Illinois. The El Paso- Gridley District education system has strong leadership and is known for working tirelessly to educate our children for the future. As with any good school district, great teachers are the backbone of the community’s educational system. The EPG School District is made up of educators who put our children’s education first. In addition to education, EPG sports, music and other programs are always competitive in the various activities and have excellent facilities that are also used by many local organizations.

Every September, our citizens and visitors come together to celebrate our community and heritage in a three-day celebration for the El Paso Corn Festival. The Corn Festival is an annual event with carnival rides, exhibits, games, food, entertainment & a parade. We hope you will join us at the Corn Festival and meet some of our outstanding citizens.

Pages could be written about our statistics, demographics, & government but none of that matters without the dedication and kindness our citizens show every day. I welcome you to come visit our community and stay for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Either way, we will welcome you and show you what it means to be in a community that cares.